Eco Climate Control

Intelligent comfort for radio control
of surface heating and cooling systems


Eco Climate Control

Intelligent comfort with intuitive operation


Eco Climate Control – SAUTER

Intelligent comfort

Intelligent comfort for radio control of surface heating and cooling systems
With Eco Climate ControlSAUTER sets a new standard for a comfortable wireless control of surface heating and cooling systems…

Examples of applications

Eco Climate Control - Examples of applications
From single homes to commercial premises, new-build or renovation, with boilers or heat pumps: Eco Climate Control is suited for almost any application.

Ideal for renovation

Eco Climate Control - Ideal for the restoration
Modernise with Eco Climate Control to get an energy efficient, individual room control with modern and intuitive operation.

Mobile app

Eco Climate Control - Mobile app
For a more efficient and effective use, Eco Climate Control can be operated with a special application through WLAN or web.


Eco Climate Control - In Video
Intelligent comfort for installers: easy and carefree installation and commissioning for satisfied end users. Watch now…

Wireless technology

Eco Climate Control - Radio technology
SAUTER has put a great deal of effort into the reduction of the radio transmission power in order to safeguard users and their environments.

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