Individual home

Individual home

A1. Living room
A2. Kitchen
A3. Office
A4. Laundry
A5. Hobby room
B1. Bedroom 1
B2. Bedroom 2
B3. Bathroom 1
B4. Bedroom 3
B5. Bathroom 2

Installation description

The Eco Climate Control wireless controller for surface heating and cooling controls the temperatures of all ten rooms individually. For this reason each room is equipped with its own room operating unit. The bathrooms are equipped with an additional floor temperature sensor in order to enable a minimum floor temperature control increasing comfort. The comfort can be further increased by configuring a cooling lock that disables the cooling mode for the bathrooms.

The installation is configured for a heat pump that determines the change-over between heating and cooling and transmits the C/O signal to the wireless master controller. A dewpoint monitor controls possible condensation and switches the installation off in case this occurs.

The groundfloor and the basement are controlled by the master controller installed in the basement. The slave controller, which is connected to the master controller by radio signal, controls the upper two levels. The installation is prepared for the operation with a smartphone, either locally through WLAN or remotely through the internet. For this purpose the master controller is connected to a WLAN-router either per network cable or PowerLAN.

Optionally, an outdoor air temperature sensor can be connected to one of the room operating units. This outdoor air temperature can be called up at any room operating unit.

In case the heatpump requires a bypass then it is possible to configure different bypasses for heating and cooling, e.g. heating bypass for bathrooms and cooling bypass for the hobby room.

Eco Climate Control: intelligent comfort

Wiring diagram


Material list

Quantity Type Description
2 LET4208RK102 8 channel controller, 24V, with LAN, incl. transformer
10 LRA420RK100 Room operating unit, white
2 0313367003 Floor temperature sensor, cable 3 m
1 0450232001 Outside air temperature sensor
1 EGH102F001 Dewpoint monitor
12 AXT201F112 Thermal actuator, 24V, cable 1 m