Eco Climate Control

Intelligent comfort with
intuitive operation.

With Eco Climate Control, SAUTER sets a new standard for a comfortable wireless control of surface heating and cooling systems.

Eco Climate Control provides technologically advanced products that are very accurate and easy to use. With the incorporated intelligent comfort and smartphone functions, Eco Climate Control allows the user to operate and regulate the temperature of rooms of any kind – locally or via remote access.

The system offers a modern solution for single houses, apartment buildings, hotels or public spaces, whereby optimal comfort, easy operation and energy-efficiency are of paramount importance.

Intelligent comfort for a better quality of life.

System overview

Presentation of the system

Eco Climate Control is a practical and intuitive total solution, which fulfills the needs of modern room automation in a fast and reliable manner.

Product information

Product information

Eco Climate Control provides experts, installers, planners and OEM customers with an individually configurable and expandable total solution.


Eco Climate Control - In Video

Intelligent comfort for installers: easy and carefree installation and commissioning for satisfied end users. Watch now…

Wireless technology

Eco Climate Control - Radio technology

SAUTER has put a great deal of effort into the reduction of the radio transmission power in order to safeguard users and their environments.