Optimal combination:
proven and versatile functions.

Eco Climate Control provides experts, installers, planners and OEM customers with an individually configurable and expandable total solution. Easy operation, intelligent control and modern actuator technology are linked together into an energy-efficient and sustainable system.




High-performance radio controller

The LET4 radio controller is the most intelligent and secure solution for an optimal energy use. The advantages at a glance:

Communication: internal – between several radio controllers via wireless or Bus (RS485);
external – LAN interface for smartphone or PC use.

Energy efficiency: pre-configured, individually customisable time programs.

Emergency operation: in case of loss of radio signal between the radio controller and the wireless room operating unit.

Anti-blocking function: for pumps and underfloor heating manifolds.


Most modern room operating unit

With the wireless room operating unit LRA4, your installation is easy to configure and to use.
The advantages at a glance:

Design: flat design with modern sensor buttons.

Use: intuitive menu guidance, configurable function key, for example for party function or outside air or floor temperature.

Comfort: control of floor comfort with external floor sensor.

Energy consumption: standard AAA batteries with long lifetime thanks to the self-adaptable radio signal strength as well as sleeping mode.


Auto-adaptable thermal drive

The AXT2 adapts itself to every heating manifold:

Low-force installation: also after a disassembly.

Versatile use: with its automatic closing dimension compensation, it can be installed without any accessory on almost every heating manifold manufacturer in the market.

Position indication: large, tangible and 360° visible.

Combined energy-efficiency: the radio controller’s specially designed pulse width modulation provides energy savings while running thermal drives.

Mobile app

The App: SAUTER Underfloor

SAUTER‘s Underfloor app allows you to adjust the wireless control system for your underfloor heating and cooling systems via WLAN or online.

Once you have installed the app, you can display the current temperature, adjust the set-point values and check and adjust the operating mode for each wireless ambiance box. You can also adjust the operating mode for the entire system at a single touch. You can assign names to each of your rooms for greater clarity and ease of control.

The app is available in several languages. You can choose between German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and Swedish.

The Eco Climate Control is the total solution for your intelligent comfort.


Bi-directional wireless controller 868 MHz

How energy efficiency is improved
Protected, intelligent solution for optimal energy use.


Thermal valve drive

How energy efficiency is improved
Safe operation within the scope of efficient closed-loop control.


Wireless room thermostat 868 MHz

How energy efficiency is improved
Individual, optimised energy use through precise adherence to setpoint.

Mobile app

Mobile app
iPhone / Android App

How energy efficiency is improved
Individual, optimised energy use through remote temperature monitoring.


Wireless room operating unit 868 MHz

How energy efficiency is improved
Individual, optimised energy use through precise adherence to setpoint.