iPhone or Android app:

remote comfort.

With the iPhone or Android app, you are always connected to your main or holiday home. With its automatic master controller search function, you can configure the app easily yourself via a WLAN connection. During this search process, you will be asked to assign a name (e.g. “main home” or “holiday home”) and a password for your system. The login information will be stored in your smartphone or tablet, allowing you to build up a connection through the internet automatically. You can save up to five connections in your app.

Next, you can assign easily recognisable names to each of your room operating units (e.g. “living room”, “office”, “kitchen”, “master bedroom”, “hobby room”, etc.). This will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the temperatures and modes of operation of all rooms and, moreover, allows you to control and view details quickly, by simply tapping the screen.

You can even change the mode of operation in all rooms at the same time with the push of just one button. This is perfect if you are planning to be away from home for an extended period. Before or during your travel back home you can change the mode of operation to ensure that your home is comfortable when you arrive.

Try it out with our free WLAN app! This WLAN version supports all functions except for access through the internet. You can control your system locally using your smartphone or tablet. Satisfied? Then you can download the full (paid) version at any time to enjoy also the comfort of remote access.

The highest operation comfort, wherever you are!